Who May Apply?

JCKM Hostel is meant for students pursuing Professional Education with priority / preference to Maheshwaris & Civil Services / Judiciary Services aspirants.

Both the Boys Hostel & the Girls Hostel are located at Patel Nagar, within 200 metre of each other & from the Metro Station. For more details, please see Facilities or Contact Us page.

How to Apply?

In order to apply

  • Click here to fill up an online google form.
  • Click here to email or WhatsappWhatsapp(share your Name / Number / email id / Town)

Admission Process

  • Students shall receive an immediate acknowledgement of their application. They need to organise for the Trustee Reference (a call, message or email needs to come to one of the Office Bearers).
  • The decision for admission shall be made on the basis of merit. The student’s academic record &/or a test score shall be evaluated by an admissions committee.
  •  The admission committee intends to decide on any application within a week of the application & not later than 30 days from the application.

Admission Rules

Admission to the Hostels is conditional to acceptance of the Admission Rules defined here under:

    1. The hostel provides accommodation, food & other facilities on sharing basis.
    2. It should be clearly understood by all applicants that no tenancy is created by the use or occupation of the hostel premises & that each occupant is merely permitted to stay & use the facilities of the Hostel by the Trust, under the rules and regulations framed by the Trust. Upon revocation of such permission, the resident shall not be entitled to stay and/or enter the Hostel.
    3. The minimum duration of stay is 1 quarter / 3 months. The maximum duration that may be booked is 1 year / 12 months. Renewal of stay facility after the initially booked period is subject to availability & at the discretion of the Trust Body.
    4. The Admission Process comprises of the following stages
      Initial Application – using Form as annexed
      Admission Form – with Detailed Form as annexed
      Payment of Deposit & Dues
    5. If information furnished during application / admission stage is found to be incorrect, the Trust shall have the right to reject or expel the student, with no refund entitlement of the deposit or dues paid.
    6. Parents or Guardians need to accompany students at the time of admission. Students shall need to nominate a local guardian.
    7. Allotment of rooms is at the discretion of Hostel Warden. Students shall not change their rooms on their own. They may propose alternative rooming arrangements but the same shall be subject to approval of the Warden. Further, in the larger interest of all, the Warden may bring about interim change in the Room Sharing Arrangements – which shall be duly followed by all, without failure or demur.

For Hostel Rules Regulations, please click here.


Schedule of Charges – w.e.f  Oct 1,2021

JCKM Hostel is a Charitable Initiative & runs on contributions. Patrons may make one or more of the underneath contributions (eligible for Sec.80G under Income Tax) to support the initiative.

  • Rs.50,000/- for a quarter; Rs.40,000/- for a Maheshwari student
  • Rs.85,000/- for 6 months; Rs.70,000/- for a Maheshwari student
  • Rs.150,000/- for 12 months; Rs.120,000/- for a Maheshwari student

Contributions are received by way of EFT/RTGS/OnlinePaymentModes/Cheque only. No contributions are accepted by way of Cash or Cash deposited in the Bank Account of the Trust.

While accommodation & mess facility is provided at the hostel, students need to incur the Electricity cost for each room on actual consumption (@ predetermined tariff), apportioned between the occupying students – payable by 3 rd of subsequent month.

Since water geyser & library are through common meter, w.e.f. Apr’21, the cost of water geyser + library (basis the sub meter readings) is payable by the students.

In addition, students taking admission in the hostel are required to pay a Caution Money Deposit of Rs.10,000/- (interest free & refundable). Kindly note that the Caution Money is to be paid separately & not mixed with any other remittance. Further, it has to be from a Savings account & not a firm/company.

The amount is to be deposited through Account Payee Cheque, EFT or online modes. Cash Payments shall not be accepted.

The Caution Money is refundable at the end of tenure. The Donation amount is not refundable – in part or full.

Scholarship & Financial Assistance
JCKM Hostel offers Financial Assistance to needy students. Student from families with annual income of less than Rs.8 lacs may apply for the same with details as underneath –

  1. Family Income Proof (ideally a district or state issued low income certificate)
  2. Student Merit Record (school & college academic &/or sports certificates)
  3. Past scholarship or financial assistance details
  4. Referral from Trustee of A. B. Maheshwari Educational Trust, New Delhi (visit the website to see the Trustee list).

Financial Assistance is only available against annual or 6 month admission.

Bank Account Details

A B Maheshwari Education Trust
Account No.08240100015260
Bank of Baroda, Daryaganj, New Delhi
(the fifth character in IFSC is zero, not O)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) I am joining on 18 th of the month. How is the quarter / year computed?
The proposed month of joining is counted as a complete month regardless of the date of joining.

2)How is an academic year calculated? What period should I enrol for?
For most UPSC students, the preparation begins in Jun/Jul & the first milestone is with Prelims in the May of the following year, for which results are declared by July. This is followed by Mains in September. Keeping in mind this calendar, academic year is calculated as a duration of upto 12 months or the September of the following year, whichever is earlier. To further clarify, students joining for a year in July shall have their admissions upto June of the subsequent year while
students joining in Nov shall have their admissions upto next Sep.

For 2021-22, the academic year is uncertain since the UPSC exam calendar is subject to change. Hence admission for a 12 month cycle is being offered for the period upto Sep’22.

3) I have enrolled from July. But I shall be able to join by September due to unavoidable reasons. How would the period be calculated?
The admission period would begin from the date that was informed in the Admission Form. Since JCKM Hostel has reserved the seat, it would not be able to accommodate requests for post-ponement of the admission period.

4) What if the duration of my stay is less than a quarter?
JCKM Hostel doesn’t admit students for less than a quarter. Exceptions may be taken for UPSC students appearing for Mains or Interviews or for summer interns (latter subject to availability).However, students wanting to add an additional term of a month (after the quarter or year) may do so.

5) Can I deposit cash into the Bank Account?
No cash is to be deposited into the Trust bank account. The money towards Deposit / Donation /CAM charge is to be received by way of RTGS / EFT / Bank transfer etc.

6) Can the donation be made in parts?
Donation is received one time. However, patrons sponsoring a 12 month student may request if they want to make part payments against their contributions. The same is subject to approval.

7) Can I take admission for 3/6 months & then upgrade to 12 months?
The student may renew afresh for a quarter / 6 month / year at the expiry of their tenure. They cannot upgrade from quarter to a year.

8) I have paid the Deposit & Donation but need to cancel my stay due to some reasons. What refund do I get?
The Donation received from patrons is non-refundable. Deposit is refunded after adjustment of any charge payable by the student.

9) I joined in middle of the month. How would the room electricity charge be split?
Room Electricity charge is to be split equally between all room occupants, regardless of the date of joining or the stay duration. However, students may, with mutual understanding, apportion the electricity cost on the basis of number of days stay.